The Classics

Kat Hessen by Peter Ash Lee for Corduroy #8 Issue.
One of my favorites editorials, i found it very original the way to show the basics that every girl must have,
with a very minimalist style, being only as the protagonist THE CLASSICS
Yo HEART it so much!!!


Tess Hamer for 1am Magazine June 2011.
Love ALL the sweaters, are beautiful.

Dossier Journal

Fabiana, Mayara, and Rachel Alexander by Brian Boulos for Dossier Journal May 2011.


Ruby For Free People Lookbook

Ruby Aldridge for Free People Lookbook.
Honestly do not really like the clothes, except for the shoes (los ame),
 but Ruby looks stunning!!.


Madame Hawke Fall 2011 Lookbook

Madame Hawke Fall 2011 Lookbook.
In this case, i feel in love with the photography more than the clothes, but anyway the clothes are beautiful, the neutral colors and the dresses are adorable, 
i love it!.

Flair Italy June 2011

Katie Fogarty by Nicolas Moore for Flair June 2011.
Lovely editorial so beautiful.


H&M Fall 2011 Lookbook

Karlie Kloss for H&M Fall/Winter Lookbook.

Winter is coming and we must be prepared for cold and windy weather...bla bla bla... 
ok no, the truth is... that we must be prepared to see us incredible,
and what better than the fALL COLLECTION of  H&M!!!
 Wich presents a range of neutral and dark colors, skirts below the knee, dramatic trenchs, baggy jeans, waist cuts, and without leaving behind the star of the season KNIT!
One of my favorites collection of winter, and the lookbook with Karlie AWESOME, 
a whole VOGUE editorial!!
I just love it!.

El invierno se acerca (bueno faltan unos meses pero el tiempo vuela haha), y tenemos que estar preparadas para el terrible clima frio y con viento y lluvias y... bla bla bla... 
OKOK NOO! la verdad es que debemos estar preparadas para vernos increibles este invierno!! y que mejor que inspirarnos en la nueva coleccion de invierno de H&M!!
La cual nos trae una gama de colores neutros y obscuros, y uno que otro pop color, faldas debajo de la rodilla, llamativos y elaborados trenchs, pantalones anchos, cortes a la cintura, lindos estampados florales, botines, y sin dejar atras el estelar de la temporada y mi favorito 4EVER... EL KNIT, tejido, punto, como sea, se ve increible!!!
Una de mis colecciones favoritas para invierno, y el lookbook con Karlie super AWESOME!!!
Toda una editorial para VOGUE, solo karlie kloss lo hace!
La ame ame ame!!